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Clarity4D is a combination of personality profiling and development programmes for the individual, partners, teams and corporations.

Each individual is different. Understanding self, others and interactions can be the single most important aspect of personal development. The Clarity4D approach is linked to the Ancient Greeks and the 4 elements – water, earth, fire, air and is based on most effective psychological research, in particular the work of Carl Jung. The profiles are designed using COLOUR to aid learning:

The name “Clarity4D” came from the concept that there are 4 dimensions to us as people.

  • 1st Dimension: The recognition and understanding of self
  • 2nd Dimension: The perception of self by others
  • 3rd Dimension: The unknown potential
  • 4th Dimension: The time it takes to develop our potential

Each individual will have a personal report which will enable them to:

  • Understand more about self, both strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand more about others who may have different preferences, expectations and desires
  • Better understand the behaviours expected of them to meet the requirements of different work situations.
  • Be better able to blend their preferences with those of others for improved individual relationships, team dynamics, communication, harmony, effectiveness and sales performance.
  • Identify how personal influence can be enhanced by meeting others’ needs.
  • Have a framework, a common language, on which to base their interactions.

Clarity 4D Youth Profile

The Young Persons’ profile is written in simple language and aimed at young people between the ages of 14-19 who can complete the questionnaire by going online and answering the 10 simple questions. It is a powerful and enlightening personal learning experience and because it is simple and about Colour, young people recognise, remember and apply the principles in their interactions with others, as well as in their personal development.

Clarity 4D

The Clarity4D Young Persons’ profile will enable young people to:

  • Understand more about themselves, both strengths and areas of potential growth.
  • Invite feedback from others to give another perception.
  • Build on this self-understanding to develop more confidence.
  • Better understand the behaviours expected of them to meet the requirements of employment.
  • Be better able to identify the sort of work that might suit their preferences.
  • Have a framework for their personal development plan and personal statement.

Psychometrics - ticking boxes
An individual's self concept is the core of his or her personality. It affects every aspect of human behaviour; the ability to learn, the capacity to grow and change. A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life. Dr Joyce Brothers
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